The mission of the PDX Bridge Festival is to raise public awareness and foster appreciation of the Willamette River Bridges through educational, historical, cultural and artistic programming.

PDX Bridge Festival, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization made up of everyday bridge advocates, with the simple but ambitious goal of celebrating the bridges with a civic festival of artistic excellence. Our team consists of artists, event planners, local government, leading businesses, media partners, and Portland’s top audio/visual houses, and draws on wide creative talents to produce an awe-inspiring public arts celebration with longevity and magnetism. For a complete list of our partners, please go here.

PDX Bridge Festival Directory

Board of Directors

Kevin Balmer

Pollyanne Birge

Nancy Chapin, President

Alex Cousins

Kohel Haver, Secretary

Jessica Klinke

Peter Platt

Advisory Council

Mateo Gamlen

Chris Haberman

Tyler Hanson

William Heinz

Commissioner Deborah Kafoury

Matt McCune

Mike Thelin

Kate Sokoloff

Sharon Wood Wortman

Lead Directors

Tucker Teutsch 3.0, Creative Director

Jessica Klinke, Managing Directorrace mobilописание фирмы примерскачать бесплатно программу для взлома вконтактепрограмма для взлома пароля одноклассниковкраткосрочный договор займа срок образецmerit casino girnecaricature painter


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PDX Bridge Festival Creative Director Tucker Teutsch 3.0Tucker Teutsch 3.0, Creative Director

PDX Bridge Festival’s creative director and project leader, Tucker Teutsch 3.0, has extensive experience in logistics, installations and public art management for large community events. Most recently, he was lead site manager and logistics coordinator for Symbiosis 2009, a festival drawing over 10,000 people to a 100+ acre property in the heart of Yosemite Valley, where he managed all heavy equipment used in big art builds, power grids, and ambient/safety lighting for the event. Prior to his work on PDX Bridge Festival, he successfully executed Basura Sagrada, the 2008 Community Temple Installation at Burning Man, which draws a crowd of over 40,000 participants. His responsibilities included the management of 200 crewmembers and oversight of a $115,000 budget. Teutsch’s 2007 project, the Tasseograph: Trash Tea Temple, was a collaboration with artist Shrine and functioned as a traveling exhibit that was seen by more than 150,000 people during 12 festival-site installations before being bought by a private collection in Marin County. Teutsch prides himself on being a writer, craftsman, builder, networker, and project manager. He is excited to bring his knowledge of festival logistics and large-scale art fabrication to the center of Portland.

Jessica Klinke, Managing Director Jessica Klinke, Managing Director

A leader of PDX Bridge Festival’s non-profit, Jessica Klinke has served as the Board Chair since co-founding the organization in September 2009. Prior to moving to Portland, she worked as a fundraiser for a long-standing and successful land trust on the San Francisco peninsula, helping them complete a $200 million capital campaign. For the last two years, Ms. Klinke has partnered with Teutsch on a range of projects, most notably as the business and funds manager for Basura Sagrada, where she developed and managed the $115,000 budget for and played a major part in raising over $70,000 from individual and in-kind donations for the project. Additionally, her experience includes program management for arts-in-education programs and independently produced audio documentaries and radio programming. With a master’s degree in folklore and eight years of non-profit experience, Ms. Klinke is thrilled to put her skills to use for PDX Bridge Festival.mobile online rpgпроверять сайт на вирусыкласнолом полная версия скачатьвзломать почтовый ящик gmailобразец заявление анкета на получение потребительского кредитаoyun slotAmsterdam escorts

We Did It! Big & Awesome Bridge Book Available!

We’re pleased to announce the completion of a new bridge: The Big & Awesome Bridges of Portland & Vancouver—A Book for Young Readers and Their Teachers. 

You can find can find the new, 240-page, full-color, hardbound textbook at our exclusive brick and mortar retail outlet, the Oregon Historical Society Museum Store! Or order from us online on this website and at the Big & Awesome Bridge Book website. If you want to buy from the authors in person, Sharon will be managing “Porch” sales and distribution on Mondays in January, 4-7 PM, 2936 SE Taylor Street. For porch sales call first to confirm: (503)330-0900.

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Porch Sales

Beginning in January, the authors will be offering the book and posters from the porch of 2936 SE Taylor St. in Portland, Mondays only, between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. Call or email first: 503-330-0900 or sharon@bridgestories.com.

The three-pound Big & Awesome gets an “A” for filling in the gap in Portland Public Schools and Vancouver School District curriculum. It also puts young readers into a long overdue driver’s seat for colorful learning about the 22 big river roadway and rail bridges located between Vancouver, Washington and Oregon City. Along the way, Big & Awesome more closely connects residents of Portland and Vancouver!

Also available, the new Big & Awesome Bridges poster, available in two sizes, 12×28” and 16×24”. Discounts to schools and teachers. Also carried at:

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Thank You

Thank you, Everyone, for Celebrating the Broadway Bridge’s 100th Birthday with us on Saturday, August 10th.  It was amazing!

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2013 Sponsors and Supporters

Become a sponsor of the 2013 Broadway Bridge 100th Birthday Celebration.


Suspension – $3,500 and above
Arch – $2,500 to $3,499
Multnomah County (In-Kind)
Abundant Yarn in cooperation with Cascade Yarn
Portland Community Media
Truss – $1,000 to $2,499
The Rose Quarter

Portland Streetcar

Girder – $250 to $999
Club 21
Royal Neighbors of America
Rivet – $25 to $249
Show Case Music
JaCiva Chocolates
Devious Wag Music
Salon Chi
Koldkist Bottled Water
Aloha Produce
the people’s republic of portland
Louise McGregor
Presents of Mind
Nancy Tongue
Sharon Wood Wortman
Roger Jones and Candee Clark
Charlie White Art

Dave’s Killer Bread
Cream Salon
Nancy Chapin
Martian Arts Tattoo Studio
Evan Ross – Portland Bicycle
Portland Juice Press

Become a Sponsor!

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“Bridge For Blankets” Public Art

“Bridge For Blankets” is a public art project currently installed on the Broadway Bridge.  Learn how to get involved in this unique project:

– Click on the flier image below to be directed to the Indiegogo crowdfunding site, where you may donate to our project fundraising campaign. Our fundraising goal is now at $2,500. Please donate today, and we can make this happen together:

Bridge for Blankets Fundraiser
Indiegogo Project

Raffle tickets are currently on sale at the AIA in the Pearl for the “Raffghan” (aka raffle afghan) made from remaining project materials.
Tickets are 1 for $5 OR 5 for $20.  Tickets will be on sale during this Saturday’s Block Party until 3pm when the “Raffghan” winning raffle tickets will be drawn.
Go buy your winning ticket today, or join us for a chance to win on Saturday!
– Become a member of the “Bridge For Blankets” Volunteers and Donors group page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/483364298378401/
– To view more work from Tyler Mackie visit her artist page: http://tylermackie.tumblr.com/

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Birthday Celebration & Calendar of Events


Broadway Bridge Celebrates 100 Years
of Connecting Communities and Cultures


Ongoing: Rafghan Raffle to raise funds for Bridge for Blankets. Raffle prize is a 5’ square knitted art afghan. Contact Tyler Mackie for more information, at 541.908.1744 or tyler.mackie@gmail.com

July 17, 3pm-10pm: Bridge for Blankets fundraising day at Migration Brewing. 2828 NW Glisan St. Raffle tickets will be on sale at the event.

July 21: Bridge for Blankets art installation begins on the Broadway Bridge. The artwork will be up through late August.

July 25, 6pm – 9pm: Silent art auction to raise funds for Bridge for Blankets. SoHiTek Gallery, 625 NW Everett, Suite 102.

August 1, 5:30 -8pm: Art Opening at the American Institute of Architects Portland chapter: “The Big & Awesome Bridges of Portland”. 403 NW 11th Ave. On display through Aug 29 during regular gallery hours: Monday, 12pm-5pm, and Tuesday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

August 10, 12pm – 7pm: Block Party. NW 9 event.)



Events July 17 through August 29

Installation of a temporary public artwork later this month will transform the Broadway Bridge as part of a multifaceted celebration culminating in an August 10 block party for the Broadway’s 100 birthday. Beginning Sunday, July 21, the first of four multicolored, hand-knitted banners, 18’ x 21’ each, will be installed–with the help of the Multnomah County Bridge Section–to hang on the outside of the draw spans of the Broadway Bridge for the piece titled Bridge for Blankets, which will be up through the month of August. The artwork, conceived and organized by local artist Tyler Mackie, uses partially donated materials (chief among them, the Cascade 220 Superwash Wool, purchased with in-kind support from Cascade Yarns and Abundant Yarn Co.), and harnesses the time and talent of roughly 150 volunteer knitters to create Portland’s largest knitted art installation to date. After the festival the banners will be washed, divided into 42 separate afghans (each one 6′ square), and donated to local warming shelters via Human Solutions and Sno-Cap.

The Bridge for Blankets project is part of this year’s PDX Bridge Festival, a string of events that kicked off last April and that leads up to a block party on August 10th from 12pm-7pm, at NW 9th and Hoyt.  This is a fitting art installation to celebrate the Broadway Bridge’s 100 year presence and what it brought and brings to the fabric of Portland.    Opening up the bridge between the music and clubs of the east side to the exotic life and associations of the west side in addition to the cuisines of both, enhanced this city’s development.  We are a better place to live because of it.

The block party will have music, dancing, displays of model bridges built by local area elementary school students, bridge tours led by Sharon Wood Wortman and Ed Wortman, a bridge art show, Radio Disney activities for children, and vendors of food, art, and crafts.  The block party is a National Night Out event, and will also include displays and other information about neighborhood safety and crime prevention. The outdoor venue is conveniently located near MAX, Portland Streetcar, bus lines, and a smart park garage.

At the August 10th event, information will also be available on the new Sharon Wood Wortman/Ed Wortman project: The Big & Awesome Bridges of Portland and Vancouver—A Book for Young Readers & Their Teachers, of which PDX Bridge Festival is a sponsor. At over 100 pages and brimming with illustrations, this book about the bridges of Portland and Vancouver is a massive undertaking, and is being developed as a text book–distributed for free–to be used as class sets for Portland Public Schools’ third grade classrooms and to Vancouver public school libraries.

The Broadway Bridge, maintained and cared for by Multnomah County, was the first bascule bridge over the Willamette River and the longest bridge of its type in the world when it opened on April 22nd, 1913. It is one of Portland and Vancouver’s three highway century bridges, along with the 2010 Hawthorne Bridge and the 2012 Steel Bridge. At river mile 11.7, the Broadway Bridge provides a unique and critical link for the businesses and neighborhoods in and near the Rose Quarter with those in and near the Pearl District. PDX Bridge Festival, a 501c3 charitable and educational organization, has celebrated the bridges that connect us all since 2010.

WHO & WHAT: PDX Bridge Festival, a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization, is calling for proposals from individuals, organizations, businesses, and government agencies for activities and events to celebrate the Broadway Bridge’s 100th birthday in 2013. Proposals should also include sources of funding, as well as strategies for achievement of the proposed event, such as timing, equipment and volunteers needed, etc.

The Broadway Bridge, maintained and cared for by Multnomah County, was the first bascule bridge over the Willamette River and the longest bridge of its type in the world when it opened on April 22, 1913. It is one of Portland and Vancouver’s three highway century bridges, along with the 2010 Hawthorne Bridge and the 2012 Steel Bridge. At river mile 11.7, the Broadway Bridge provides a unique and critical link for the businesses and neighborhoods in and near the Rose Quarter with those in and near the Pearl District.

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Bridge Walks

The Steel Bridge’s 100th belly button birthday is July 21. PDX Bridge Festival, Inc. hosted a block party this past Saturday night, and is now sponsoring six pay-as-you-will bridge walks. All proceeds from the walks go toward the publication of The Big & Awesome Bridges of Portland & Vancouver–A Book for Young Readers, also sponsored by PDXBF. This will be the first book about the local bridges for children.

Four of the walks, just across the Steel Bridge, take place July 13 and 14 and begin and end at Portland Union Train Station as part of UP’s 150th anniversary celebration being held at Union Station on July 13 and 14.

The July 21 and August 11 walks are three hours and include visits to the operator’s tower and bascule pit of The Morrison Bridge. These two begin and end at Floyd’s Coffee in Old Town. Details are below:

Friday, July 13, and Saturday, July 14, join Sharon for one-hour walks to the Steel Bridge as part of the Union Pacific Railroad’s two-day 150th birthday celebration at Portland Union Train Station. The Steel Bridge pay-as-you-will walks begin at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., both days, and begin and end at the train station. No advance reservations necessary.

Saturday, July 21, 9 a.m. until noon, the day the Steel Bridge turns 100, join guide Nathan Hoover for a walk across the Steel Bridge and other downtown Portland bridges. Begins at Floyd’s Coffee, 118 NW Couch, Portland. Includes a visit to the Morrison Bridge to meet the operator and tour the bascule pit. No advance reservations necessary.www.willamettebridgewalk.com

Saturday, August 10, At 12 (noon) and 4pm, join Sharon Wood Wortman and Ed Wortman for a walk across the Steel Bridge and other downtown Portland bridges. Includes a visit to the Morrison Bridge to meet the operator and tour the bascule pit. Begins at Floyd’s Coffee, 118 NW Couch, Portland. No advance reservations necessary.mailbrutixпроверка сайта на тицask fm как узнать кто пишет анонимнопрограмма для взлома паролей wifi androidкредитная карта отп банка украинаcasino slot oyunlar? oynaStockholm escort

PDX Bridge Festival Block Party

Saturday, July 7th from 5pm – 12am at The Slate (2001 NW 19th Ave).

Live Music on two stages, completely free!

featuring performances by:

Solovox, Excellent Gentlemen, Quick & Easy Boys, Tango Alpha Tango, Symmetry/Symmetry, Violet Isle, Worth, and Andrew Paul Woodworth.

Food and craft vendors, and beer from Lagunitas Brewery.

The Block Party is sponsored by Lagunitas, Union Pacific, Scion, The Royal Neighbors of America and KZME 107.1FM.

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2012 Sponsors and Supporters

Suspension – $3,500 and above

American Society of Civil Engineers Oregon Section Geotechnical Group

Arch – $2,500 to $3,499

HDR Engineering

Truss – $1,000 to $2,499

THA Architecture
Portland Ironworkers Local #29
KPFF Consulting T.Y. Lin International
Columbia Bridge and Geer
Odyssey Program at Hayhurst School*
North American National Cartographic Information Society*

Girder – $250 to $999
James Ruddell, P.E.
Society of American Military Engineers Portland Post
Bittner-Shen Consulting Engineers
Portland Teachers Retired*
Nutter Family Foundation
Thompson Metal Fab
Charles Birnstiel, P.E.
Rivet – $25 to $249

ASCE Oregon Section Younger Member Forum*
Third Rail Repertory Theatre*
BergerABAM, Inc.
JLA Public Involvement
Beverly Cleary Elementary*
Parsons Brinckerhoff Engineering
Avamere at Sandy*
Pacific Northwest Chapter National Railway Society*
American Society of Civil Engineers Southwest Washington Section
St. Anthony School*
Sea Reach, Ltd.
Northwest Aero Pix
Rivet Level IndividualsTerri Theisen
Cecelia Huntington
Anne McLaughlin
Sybilla Cook
Halle Sadle
Jan and J. Rae Zweerts
Tom Szymoniak, P.E.
Steven and Joann Price
Cabe Nicksic
Shirley Kishiyama
Edward Taub
Diane Carver
Melissa Madenski

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