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The bridges of Portland present a distinct variety of function, beauty, and character, and the value of transforming them into a celebratory space for its citizens is unprecedented. We cannot do this without your help, and sponsorship is a great way for your business to get involved with Portland’s newest arts festival. When you become a sponsor of the PDX Bridge Festival, you can expect:

• Increased visibility for your business

• Public recognition of your financial support

• Multi-media promotion of your company as a supporter of the cultural arts in Portland

PDX Bridge Festival, Inc. is a collaborative, non-profit entity made up of everyday bridge advocates, with the simple but ambitious goal of celebrating the bridges with a civic festival of artistic excellence. Our team consists of artists, event planners, local government, leading businesses, media partners, and Portland’s top audio/visual houses, and draws on wide creative talents to produce an awe-inspiring public arts celebration with longevity and magnetism.

Driven by the belief that the centennials of the Willamette River Bridges provide a unique opportunity to raise the cultural capital and economic health of our region, our team is building alliances between individuals and businesses representing the full spectrum of our audience. The marshaling of these various associations represents an investment in the community which is sure to provide amazing returns in the future.

Please, let us send you a sponsor packet today, so that we can better discuss what level of sponsorship is right for you and your business.

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Music and Art Celebrating the Historic Bridges of Portland Oregon