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DRAWBRIDGE: Burnside Bridge Arts Education Project

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This program sends local artists and art teachers into classrooms to work with schoolchildren as part of the Portland Public School District third grade curriculum on bridges. In 2010, the pilot project served over 120 students, tasking them with creating works of graphic art representing the role of the Willamette River Bridges in our regional identity and transportation infrastructure. Chosen graphics are printed on 38 full-color, double-sided banners, and installed for the duration of the festival on the lamp posts along the thoroughfare of the Burnside Bridge.

To honor all the little artists who participated in DrawBridge, PDX Bridge Festival hosts a gallery reception, displaying all the full-color graphics created by the year’s students. Families, teachers, community members, and civic leaders join in the celebration of these young artists and their contribution to public art.

The following Portland Public School classes participated in 2010’s DrawBridge Project:

Gail Burak – Capitol HIll Elementary
Karen Bunnell – Atkinson Elementary
Rhonda Weekley – Forest Park Elementary
Charolette Hales – Bridlemile Elementary

DrawBridge was featured on the front page of the March 18, 2010 edition of the Portland Tribune. Download a PDF of the Portland Tribune Article.


As one of the world’s great bridge cities, Portland is often defined and identified by her bridges. Each span is unique; each distinct in its design, function, engineering, history, and character. This year, PDX Bridge Festival took its first step toward a long-term plan to provide a permanent educational center dedicated to the bridges that make Portland such a compelling urban space. “The Bridges That Built Portland” goes beyond providing basic information to ask the question: what kind of city would Portland be if not for her bridges? Large printed photographs accompany engaging text, interactive models, and multimedia displays that explore the past, present, and future of our downtown bridges. The goal of this interactive exhibition and educational center is to demonstrate the history and value of Portland’s Willamette River Bridges.

Upcoming Exhibit:

No current exhibit scheduled.
If you are interested in hosting this exhibit in your gallery, school, or reception area, please contact Jessica Klinke.

Previous Exhibits:

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) -Portland, Oregon: December 1 – December 19, 2010

The Commons at the White Stag Building, University of Oregon School of Architecture and Allied Arts – Portland, Oregon:  July 21 — September 17, 2010